Exote-Armour - Protecting Your People

In the changing face of modern warfare, protecting human lives is becoming increasingly challenging. Threats are emerging from unpredictable directions and at unexpected times. As the focus shifts from pre-planned frontline battles to defeating surprise attacks in urban and rural areas, armed forces must provide a higher level of protection for light vehicles and personnel whilst maintaining essential mobility.

The latest generation of armour-piercing (AP) bullets with hard metal cores also poses a growing threat upon armed forces. Traditional armour solutions are largely ineffective against new high-velocity AP bullets with tungsten carbide penetrators. New military requirements are also calling for sustained protection against multiple rounds of AP bullets. In addition, armour solutions must be sufficiently robust to withstand harsh battlefield conditions.

Exote-Armour is a new metal-ceramic composite capable of stopping multiple high-velocity AP bullets with tungsten carbide cores. Exote-Armour is also exceptionally rigid, as thus suitable for harsh battlefield conditions, regarding both vehicle and personnel armour solutions. Using a proprietary rapid manufacturing process, Exote-Armour can be produced in high quantity and in a variety of shapes.

Exote-Armour is manufactured by Exote Ltd., a Finnish corporation specialized in R&D and production of customized advanced materials for military and industrial clients.

Exote-Armour - Protecting Your People

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