Exote-Armour is a new metal-ceramic composite capable of stopping multiple high-velocity AP rounds, including those equipped with hard metal cores. Exote is effective against any type of AP round, but most competitive against highly penetrative types, such as the M993 / FFV 7.62x51R or 12.7mm / 14.5mm caliber AP rounds.

Exote-Armour is capable of stopping several such AP rounds fired at a small target area. After stopping a shot only the area of impact - marginally larger than the caliber - is damaged, and the remainder of the plate remains protective. Hence, the multi-hit capabilities of Exote-Armour are exceptional in comparison to any other light-weight armour material.

Exote-Armour is also extremely robust, and can withstand shocks encountered during normal use: rapid driving a rough terrain, flying stones, rough handling of body armour plates, etc. Exote-Armour plates can, for example, be attached directly onto the outer surface of the vehicle chassis without additional shock absorbing layers.

Due to its proprietary manufacturing process, Exote-Armour can be produced in large quantities at a rapid pace. Exote-Armour can be produced in the form of flat plates, or as a variety of complex shapes. Manufacturing can be cost-effectively distributed to any locations where basic industrial infrastructure exists.

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