Why Exote-Armour is lightweight

Weight comparison of armour materialsExote-Armour typically requires a metallic or composite liner (e.g. aramide or polyethylene) behind the hard armour base to ensure that no fatal penetration takes place.

Typical armour lack the capability to destroy the hard-metal penetrator,  which remains as hard and sharp after impact and penetration of the armour plate. The hard-metal penetrator, if not crushed by the armour plate, can easily cut through the liner, resulting in fatal consequences.

Exote-Armour allows use of a thinner package of liner can be used, because even if penetration of the armour plate takes place, no bullet or penetrating piece remains to be stopped by the liner.


In the case where 180 kg/sq. m of armoured steel (hardness 500 HB) is required to stop the 7.62x51/M993 AP round (tungsten carbide AP 930 m/s), it can be replaced with a composition of Exote-Armour and liner, weighing less than 50 kg/sq. m.

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